【動画】七つの大罪 292 -the seven deadly sins chapter 292 – English sub -^^

the seven deadly sins chapter 292 – English sub -七つの大罪
Nanastu No Tazai Chapter 292

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  1. 七つの大罪

    【動画】七つの大罪 318 ~ 319 【メリオダス VS 魔神王】

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  2. 七つの大罪




    • Johnny Matthews
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Out of all the seven deadly sin who do u think is going to do the most of the work of beating the demon race so far I think it’s escanor I feel like he still hasn’t gone all out but yet I feel like bam got a major power up so I can’t wait I’m so hype

    • Mohamad Akmal
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    When merlin said completely lost, u better listen to that women. It means 0% win. But maybe ban can do something

    • Saitama
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • emperor sean
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    alright im sorry escanor but can you step back let ban fight for 2 chapters because i wanna know ban can do to the sinner

    • Khizer Arshid
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    That look in escanor’s eyes at 6:24 I think for the first time even he knows he stands no chance.

    • You can’t handle the truth
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    If anything happens to Escanor we are going to have a real problem here. And by “we” I mean the fans. Treat CAREFULLY

    • Teodoras Lozoraitis
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    ,who else liked NNT l most because of the the story, the characters and their relationships? while some fights are certainly entertaining, they don’t seem the most apealing aspect of the series. I hope we will get a flashback arc from 3000 years ago soon or finding how Meliodas and Elizabeth fell in love.

    • Frank Hoog
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Wait so escanor can actually use his day form at night as long as he has rhita?

    • silas bulere03
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    I don’t want to think it but I’m getting a feeling that escanor will become fodder soon

    • Spexs FT
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Yo the original demon looks straight like that demon lord from digimon.

    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Sinner vs Ban hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmm


    • R K
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • The Handsome Xzu
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Ban=Fox Hunt has been increase that can even steal all demon king or supreme diety power. lol my ban is back

    • The Handsome Xzu
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Ban=700k power cuz he cuts the demon king arm.
    King=200k cuz he have wigs and become handsome
    Escanor=300k or more than more than more its increasin oopss got 400k

    • 武蔵/しゅーま
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • Fort Ress
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • Gothic Genius
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    I wanna see meliodas emerge from that Cocoon!!!!

    • Javon Jones
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Let the hype begin king has his wings ban has a power up
    Meliodas has an original power
    And still hasn’t come out yet

    • REGENTPOK’emaster4230 Ulysse
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Escannor is dirt tier… the true one above all is hawk!!!

    • Mack Hathaway
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Anyone else still waiting for ban’s sacred treasure

    • Josh Colaso
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Ban has come to kick some horse ass

    • Sophia Rijo
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Can somebody tell me the song titles used in this video? Plz ☹

    • UnknownAnon
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    The disrespect ban is getting… just wait ban is going to be OP

    • Mauricio Tapia
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    While all of you guys are arguing how strong is Ban, I’m over here thinking where the fuck is Gother and Mael. Like you don’t see then next to Elizabeth and the others. Is it possible they went to get the Graces from Sar and Tars Body?

    • Jadenlamar
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Let’s goo Ban!!!

    • MAD師アドバイザー小宮
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • MGTOW Veteran
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    I get the feeling that kings current form is stronger than ban before he went to purgatory, but ban now after returning from purgatory is stronger than current king.

    • do snskej
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    So guys when they fused or whatever into one demon they stated that demon was the strongest and most trusted by the demon king but had so much power he thought he could take the demon realm for himself is also referencing to the Bible when satan once the most strongest angle tried to take the kingdom of heaven but as a punishment was sent to hell

    • saitama kratos
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Damn now I know why the the demon clan were really strong they fought human fairies giants and angels coalition all by themselves how many peoples did the demon kind create seriously but for some reason everytime you think a demon strong it end up having someone being much more stronger from nowhere

    • Taylor Murray
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    My boy ban is baaaaaack!!!!

    • Marcellus Luis
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Ban has been training for THOUSANDS of years in PURGATORY. Fighting the DEMON KING HIMSELF!? King jus got some random power up and a new haircut. His power might still be great but compared to Ban??? HA! Not only is he immortal, his regenerative powers are now instantaneous. Not to mention his fox hunt, zero sign, sacred treasure???

    • Bandar Salh
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Everything is going happening at the same moment

    • Duane Scott
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    People saying escanor is gonna fight this thing merlin clearly stated they have a 0% chance at victory. Shes already accounted for rhittas charge and its not worth losing escanor in the process. Ban is on another level. Hes fought the demon king dor years straight at this point. Hes gonna rip this thing a new asshole

    • 初見
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • Blu3 D3viL
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    it’s just me that thinks the “sinner” looks stupid? i liked Chandler and Cusack MUCH more in design…
    could have just literally samshed the two designs together…
    Also i would have liked it much more if they were’nt one creature but two brothers, probably even brothers or comrades to the demon king.

    • Happy Guy
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Wow i honestly don’t know who to cheer on for… Even Cusack and Chandler have my respect.

    • Balcoin Uchiha
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • matthewtheawesome1
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • badoing2000
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Wait wait.. Is this a mis translation? Gowther is Merlins master? Has this ever been said before?

    • Steve Rogers
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Damn! Another kickass chapter I can’t wait to see Bans full power. Adding the Sinner and Meliodas’ power into the mix, I literally can’t feel any more hyped.

    Oh and Nice duel close up on the Sinner before showing his full form, with the music in the background it gave me goosebumps, and the editing was really well done I didn’t have to pause it once, you paced it perfectly. Thanks for putting this up so quickly.

    • Razvan Mitrea
    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • 2018年 12月 05日


    • george gest
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Nakaba will troll us with ban having a small power level increase but once he uses his abilities the fight is over

    • Sebastien Busque
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Six of the Seven Deadly vs. The Sinner and Zeldris? Even with Ludociel, Gilthunder and Hendrikson, this is gonna be one Hell of a battle… No pun intended.

    • paul varus
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    ban vs the sinner i can tell.

    • Draco Necare
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Wasn’t the title of this Chapter “the return of Nightmare and Hope” or something along those lines?

    If so than the Sinner is the “Nightmare” and Ban is the “Hope” so i think Ban will fight him.

    • Gaming with kingmoon
    • 2018年 12月 05日

    Ban fox demon mode form lol

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