Following up on my latest upload, i embrace my inner Lost Pause some more and make a very plot and backstory focused video on the lovely ladies of fairy tail, enjoy (:


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  1. フェアリーテイル

    【動画】フェアリーテイル – 第56巻



    • Kitsune2120
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    What happened to not using girls with big boobs as clip art?

    • Only Brad
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Why did you cross the loli @4:14 ?


    • The Anime Closet
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    I can’t decide between Erza or Mirajane

    • Kyoko Sakura
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    My fairy tail waifus are
    1.Lucy ((she’s ultimate waifu))
    2.Levy ((too cute))
    3.Juvia ((omg so cute))
    4.Lisanna ((kitty!!))
    5.Jenny ((*cough* *cough*))
    6.Mirajane ((waifu))

    • spiralgamer
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    My FT harem includes Juvia (my favorite, the rest are in no particular order), Lucy, Kagura, Erza and Meredy. If she were several years older, Wendy would also be there regardless of how she grows up (she’s too sweet to not mention, but she’d obviously be off limits until she hits 18).

    • Black Steele
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Literally my top 5 waifus list are the ladies that are single. So I got:

    • Sheriden Cain
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    1. Cana
    2. Ultear
    3. Juvia
    4. Erza
    5. Mirajane

    • Colonel Jinkuro
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    My top 5 Fairy tail waifu’s?

    1.) Kagura
    2.) Juvia
    3.) Lisanna
    4.) Erza
    5.) Cana

    • Colonel Jinkuro
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    >Watches Noble Maibigbutt
    >Warches NicoBananaballs
    >Makes cool videos.

    Subscribed. Don’t even try to talk me out of it. I’m committed to my choice yo!

    • asombrosas invenciones
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Lisana ? You ok? Who hurt you

    • Nathex Tha catzi
    • 2018年 8月 26日


    1 ERZA
    2 JUVIA
    3 LUCY
    4 ULTEAR
    5 MIRA


    1 Juvia
    2 meredy
    3 Mira
    4 lucy
    5 erza

    JUVIA is fucking best girl fite me Gray is an asshole Juvia chases him and he rejects her while she fights for him would take a erza blade trew her hearth for grey she is the best her backstory shows how sad and why she loves gray and if grey was in trouble Juvia would die for him so Juvia is the best waifu never say lucy no she’s ticc but Juvia would die for her senpai so yeah that’s why Juvia is tha best

    • Blaze
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Loli is to a little girl, or comes off as one, as a shouta is to a little boy, or comes off as one.

    • Janne Marie
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Totally am a straight girl, but oh well, why not give my opinion on waifus anyways XD

    By appearance:
    1. Kagura
    2. Levy
    3. Meredy
    4. Juvia
    5. Mirajane

    By personality:
    1. Levy
    2. Lisanna
    3. Kagura
    4. Meredy
    5. Mirajane

    • Natsu4Fairytail Flame
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Erza> all anime girls ( sexiest)
    Rem> erza ( waifu)

    • Infernal Baka
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    My top 5
    5: Marijane
    4: Levy
    3: Cana
    2: Erza
    1: Lucy

    • Krishan Dev
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Dimaria solo all

    • LUNAR love
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Yo boy what happen to the vews

    • Aisu AkumaSlayer
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Juvia is the best waifu for me.

    • azyze uzyy
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Juvia is my waifu, best char ever 8)

    • blabla blabla
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Juvia is waifu, she’s innocent, sweet, super nice side with a heart of gold and her super badass / psychopathic and sexy side is perfect, her love for grey is admirable. She had a shit past, always rejected by others, no relationship with other humans and always in depression for a little girl it’s awful, and grey changed her life, suddenly he comes into her life and her life shifts from unhappiness to happiness, she always wanted to be accepted as she is, and grey/ft were the first to accept her as she is ( phantom lord too but she wasn’t so happy yet), and her love for her guild is present, ( sacrifice for cana/ when she saves Lucy and save FT from 300 faces etc.)….) all these fights are moving at the end, and his love for grey is not just an obsession, Juvia absolutely, deeply, and genuinely loves Gray. It’s not some silly crush that she needs to get over. She loves him for the right reasons, and her presence has changed his life for the better. And she’s been hoping since their first encounter together, that her feelings would one day be returned. For Gray, Juvia has been shown to be lessoning the pain and guilt that’s been festering in his heart for so many years. Juvia has been the warmth in his life that’s been healing him. Gray was emotionally bottled up, and he’s kept people at a certain distance because of his past losses. But Juvia has been changing that, because she’s someone he’s been letting into his heart slowly but surely.

    Btw I know Gruvia is canon Mashima drew their child. Gruvia is such a perfect couple, their story is so beautiful and so many romantic moment.

    • Anastasis Stergiou
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    And please don’t say that they are like brother and sister because they are not like that and I am not saying that they will end up together the chances of them being together is 0,1 I’m just hoping that they are going to be together and the only reason erza will go with jellal is because they are MASHIMAs favorite and let’s be honest jellal is a mistake like why does he exist I mean his cool but this is it he has nothing else to his personality he has no personality I mean he was good he became bad then he became good again and he said he was regretting his sins even though he was brainwashed he didn’t do anything bad he was brainwashed and he wanted to die because he committed some sins while he was brainwashed and now he is good again wow what a great character he hasn’t done anything and yet he Is beloved by MASHIMA for some reason and I dont like NALU because they cute together and funny that’s it with NALU NALU is as bad as jerza

    • Anastasis Stergiou
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    And my top 5 is erza erza erza erza erza I don’t like any other girl I she ends up with natsu

    • Anastasis Stergiou
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    My favorite ship is natza I hate Lucy and jellal

    • Faby Chan
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    But juvia its just life best girl material

    • Dragon King Oscurare
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    For me the Top 5 are.
    1. Ultear.
    2. Mirajane.
    3. Erza.
    4. Irene.
    5. Sayla.

    But a honorable mention to Juvia that woman is way too passionate and dedicated to her love and I respect that even if her love doesn’t pay attention to her.

    • Eren Jäger
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    My top 5 is:
    1. Captain Falcon
    5. Mirajane
    (This is a joke please don’t take this seriously).

    • JK Network
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    1. Lucy
    2. Erza
    3. Mirajane
    4. Juvia
    5. Brandish

    • Nakill Uchiha
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Can you do angels of death review

    • Da_Palewhale
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Juvia is the best waifu she’ll be dedicated af

    • Jason Bornot
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    1- Mirajane
    2- Juvia
    3- Lucy
    4- Erza
    5- Levy

    • Devin Holmes
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Great man lol 3 girls are a technical harem ugh let’s see ugh 5.Kana would probably sneak something into your drink but hey she would be fun to talk too. 4.Elcy..Ugh I mean Erza she would be the perfect husband and wife at the same time. 3.Mirajane such a nice girl and that demon form would be very kinky 😉 2.Wendy…ew no not the normal kid one im talkin Edolas sexy Wendy with the snark lol perf-erection. 1.Lucy..dont need to say anything else.

    • Mira Anarchy
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Lucy and Mira are wfe material

    • knight shade
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    my waifu is ultear

    • 2018年 8月 26日

    1) Lucy
    2) Erza
    3) Mirajane
    4) Ultear
    5) Cana

    *Waifu Material?*
    1) Lucy
    2) Mirajane
    3) Juvia
    4) Meredy
    5) Levy

    • Smart Person
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    It’s content like this that makes me proud to be a chibit

    • Keith Allan Brown Sr.
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    You should also do a video about the guild leadership in Edens Zero

    • Keith Allan Brown Sr.
    • 2018年 8月 26日


    • Professor Hitomi
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Juvia is my favorite character. But wait you don’t like gray. That surprises me.

    • Professor Hitomi
    • 2018年 8月 26日

    Lucy is my waifu

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