【動画】Astra Lost in Space Episode 5 彼方のアストラ – Review

Discussing my thoughts on episode 5 of Kanata no Astra, aka Astra Lost in Space… What say you?

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  1. 彼方のアストラ



  2. 彼方のアストラ



  3. 彼方のアストラ

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    • Navi Fairy
    • 2021年 3月 05日

    More cut content from the manga. Largely something I didn’t bring up before because it wasn’t relent to the plot, but the ED made me think of it. Sometimes between chapters they will have a pair of four panel comics of life on the ship. Mostly short gags like Quitterie listening through the door and mistaking some ho yay moments (if not outright yaoi) between Kanata and Luca and later Zack and Charce. In the first case they were dismantling the tur-gon and the second time they were playing a video game. However the phrasing made her think it was something else.

    I was mostly reminded by the things around this time, such as the sumo match between Kanata and Zack, with Quitterie having a picture taking of them shirtless with her. Also three of the girls posed with Yunhua’s glasses, with the boys liking the short haired Yunhua with them the most. Basically the stuff we saw in the ED was in there. There were other stuff, like Luca messing with people or Ulgar parting his hair on the other side after Funi wanted to see his other eye.

    • Yu Takeda
    • 2021年 3月 05日

    I’m on the same train thought as you are with Ulgar. I don’t think he’s the traitor. The show will never make it too obvious. I did suspect Luca last time. and while it could still be him, this sudden focus also makes him an obvious choice. Now here’s an interesting thing I found about Charce and his parent. Assuming all these kids are clones, meaning they should also match the gender of their parent, Charce was the sole one whom his mother, parent of the opposite sex was present. She also looked very different from what he looks like unlike the rest. I don’t know if that’s any important though. Some one did bring out a very interesting detail though. In that conference, there was a man in shades who was also present in Funi’s flashback to the orphanage scene.

    My suspicious of Aries got a bit weaker seeing the way her mom reacted. It’s really hard to think of any motive she would do this or of she was a spy or saboteur. Unless she’s somehow an esper and she doesn’t know it. Aside from all the technology we see in this anime. The space-teleporting sphere seems like the most odd or even alien technology and I’m not sure if it;’s even technology. Maybe there is some supernatural element going on and if that’s the case, Aries and her different eye colors could be the one unconsciously creating them.

    • Narutonarutonaruto85
    • 2021年 3月 05日

    I was quick to dismiss your genetically modified theory. Then I started thinking about it. It’s not that far fetched. I’ve even heard of someone doing it in real live not to long ago. He was trying to engineer some babies to be more resistant to the AIDS virus. Naturally he had to start with the embryos and I’m not sure if the modified babies have even been born yet at this point. I’m a little unclear on how legal that is, although if no one thought to ban it then it would still be legal. However Astra takes place many years into the future and someone might of thought it was a bad idea enough to outlaw it.

    Now if you want to know if your theory is correct…
    *Spoiler warning!*

    One of them is. I’m fairly certainly only one. The rest aren’t modified… at all. I think. Okay I’m not quite sure on that so don’t quote me on it.

    • qrw6
    • 2021年 3月 05日

    Aries mom was the most likable out of the parents because she’s not giving up hope. Though the beach scene can be debatable, but we have to understand it’s summer season. Episode ending with Ulgar holding the gun to Lucca’s head was shocking, but still don’t believe he’s the traitor. Know next episode is going to explain it all, but did enjoyed the fanservice from this episode.

    • Reuben Lyimo
    • 2021年 3月 05日

    areis literally asked kanata if he had a girlfriend or if he had someone he liked and he answer ” i have lots of girls who are my friends im super popular”……i just rolled my eyes at that i don`t care how ignorant you are about romance but to be asked point blank if you have someone you like or if you have girlfriend and to answer like kanata thats just being retarded or in this case forced writing to drag out the plot ….i hate dense characters like this that scene was on the level infinite straos density

    i hope they address this subplot soon because i don`t like unrealistic dense character writing

    • Navi Fairy
    • 2021年 3月 05日

    Cut content from the manga!

    They found an underground lake in a cave the space chocobos flee to once the wind picks up, the ones fast enough to make it there anyway. Not that important to the plot other then proving they have enough water. Charca figured it out when he saw them all running the same way when the spores hit.

    The manga did not show Emma watching the video from Aries and repeatedly checking her messages. However I feel this still fits with her character and I can picture her doing it. She was still torn up about it with Sofie being the only one to give her any kind of support in this. Still she did have a private talk with the vice principal after the meeting. As it turns out before they disappeared Emma had worried that the genome management would caused Aries to learn she is not her daughter. She had planed to tell her went they went to the collection center.

    Jeb followed after Olive, who rather he keep his distance. They see each other at work all the time and the people at the hospital have been pestering her on when they are getting married. I can’t tell if he was kidding, but Jeb made a joke about that. He also said he could see a future where Zack and Quitterie get married. Olive didn’t find it funny in the lease. She also didn’t seem to care for his invitation to a restaurant.

    • Navi Fairy
    • 2021年 3月 05日

    As far as I can tell, the genome management is just a database of everyone’s DNA, although I’m not 100% sure on that. It is a puzzle piece.

    I do find it interesting that both Gert and Marco said almost the exact same thing. Maybe that’s why they weren’t in the same room for that. That was likely another puzzle piece I missed. I hadn’t noted until people started talking about it.

    The author really loves anagrams. This story is sick with them, and they didn’t just stop with planets. I only recently gave McPa any thought even though it was an odd name. One of the character’s name is technically an anagram. Also there are some other anagrams we haven’t gotten to yet.

    I find these videos interesting. A couple people think that Ulgar is the traitor now. While it’s understandable that the characters think this a number of viewers also find the timing of this odd, giving this happened right after he found out who Luca’s father is. Before when they went around sharing information about themselves (cut content) Ulgar had gone back inside and didn’t hear what Luca had to say, which is why he assumed he had already told him. He told everyone else.

    Another YouTuber said something interesting. He pointed out how this episode emphasis on the chests. Not just the girls but the guys as well. I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that. Think of it as a puzzle piece if you will. I find it amusing.

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